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The Mountain Mantra

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A journey for 28 days amidst the heights of Himalayas taught me some wonderful lessons of life which I feel are worth sharing:

  • dsc02512Mountains are just like life-full of ups and downs. For every climb up you are bound to come down and vice versa.
  • There is no way to turn back and quit-however tough the task seems ahead- you have to go through it. Life must go forward irrespective of the pains since there is no reverse gear option!!
  • The body takes you through only 20% of the rugged path the rest 80% is driven by your mind only. A classic example where mind is the sovereign ruler of your life.
  • Situations would break all your inhibitions and no comfort zone is permanent. Existence is the only key and everything else is unstable in life.
  • dsc02534The basic needs of life are very simple-food,clothing and shelter(we spend almost 3 weeks without money,plastic cards,e-mail,cell phones,TV,light and all other amenities of so called civilized life-but never felt the dearth of them somehow!!!) everything else is luxury.
  • Cry in pain and in joy-that would never make you lesser masculine!!
  • No need to try too hard-life will automatically teach you what you need to learn…since not learning would only lead to death-very simple!!
  • Basic hygiene of soul is more important than that of body…
  • Finally-nothing is permanent. Even the worst and toughest time is bound to end. So just enjoy the pain and pray to god for more pain-only when the pain reaches its zenith you know that the end is just round the corner…and winning over it is an amazing feeling.

Sounds like lot of gyans- but please please enjoy life…for they say:

Life is for once but if you live well once is enough!!!!!


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Mr Koushik Aich is a 1997 batch commerce graduate from HCC he is now working for a Kolkata based NBFC. He is a sports enthusiast and still plays football at corporate tournaments for his office.Other than that he is a die hard fan of adventure sports.He is a certified advance level scuba diver,a pass out from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and holds the Guinness record for bungee jumping from the highest commercial bungee platform (Macau Tower 770 feet) in the world.In addition to that he loves food,movies and good books.

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