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The word sustainability has sustain and ability in it. In a normative, intuitive sense, it means one has to sustain themselves in future. But in order to do that they need to have the ability to do that. So, even though to many, sustainability can be a vague, abstract subject like love which can be felt and not touched upon, in reality it is not so. It can only happen when the people who make and drive the institutions are happy, energetic and creative. So at the core of driving sustainability in future, activities should be designed and initiated which  can ensure these things. This science fiction book is one of the endeavour in that regard.

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Anandajit Goswami has done his Graduation from Heramba Chandra College in Economics year 2002, Also,  he completed his Master’s degree in Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and is pursuing PhD at TERI University. He has written a novel “Lucy and the Train : Tryst with Sustainability”. The book is a type of Bhagavad Gita revisited where everything is predestined but yet one has to perform his/her own duties and go through the mortal ordeals to reach that goal. There’s no reverse gear in life there’s just only one way forward. The train resembles life and every compartment is but the phases of life that’s bound to come. Compact and gripping- the novel is all about self invention which  leads to sustainability. However, a great start for  Lucy. Hopefully the next series of the novel will be more thrills, twists & turns.


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