Membership Rules And Regulations

Sanjyog, Alumni Association of Heramba Chandra College, Kolkata

1. Membership, Admission, and Termination

A person, desirous of becoming a member or associate, must believe in the objectives of the Association and shall have to duly fill in an application form , as may be prescribed for this purpose by the managing committee from time to time and submit the application along with the prescribed entrance fee , if any, and subscription fee for one year by post or in person at the registered office of the Association during the scheduled office hours against proper receipt to be issued by the office. A person shall be considered to have become a member or an associate, after completion of the formalities , if s/he pays the prescribed fees cash or money order and shall obtain a receipt thereof, and in case he pays by cheque or postal order as soon as the proceeds thereof are collected by the Association.

The name and the other particulars of each member or associate shall be entered into the general register of members and associates within fifteen days of the concerned person becoming a member or an associate and he shall also be issued an identity card at the earliest possible time. Notwithstanding whatever has been stated above, a person may be refused from becoming a member or an associate or alternatively his membership may be terminated in the following eventualities, but notice of such refusal or termination shall be conveyed to the person concerned by any member of the managing committee in writing within fifteen days of such refusal or termination:

  1. Any person who is guilty of moral turpitude or likely to be prosecuted for such an offence.
  2. Any person who is an undischarged insolvent.
  3. Any person who has been convicted of any offence in connection with the formation, promotion, arrangement or conduct of affairs of a society or a body corporate or any person who has been expelled by a society or body corporate for such an offence.
  4. Any person who seeks to become or has become a member or of the Association under false pretense or on the basis of false representation.
  5. Any person whose behavior or conduct may deem to be contrary to the interests of the Association may be refused admission or expelled from the Association, if the managing committee so decides by 2/3 rd of the managing committee members present and voting in the particular managing committee meeting and provided such decision is ratified by a majority of the members in the next following General Meeting.
  6. A Member’s membership right shall be forfeited if his annual subscription fees are not paid within 30th September of the concerned year.
  7. Finally, a Member of the Association may cease to be so from the date he informs the Association of his intention to withdraw from the Association with or without attributing any reason thereof.

Provided however that any person whose Membership has been refused or terminated on any of the eventualities outlined in the immediately preceding sub-clauses (a) to (e) shall be permanently debarred from becoming a member or associate in future while any person whose membership has been terminated or s/he has voluntarily given up as outlined in the immediately preceding sub-clauses (f) and (g) shall be eligible for re-ad mission on the payment of arrear membership subscription.

2. Membership Eligibility

Any person who completed two (02) years of his/her studies in Heramba Chandra College, Kolkata and is no longer a student of the College at the material time will be eligible to become a Life Member by paying a lump sum subscription fee Rs.2000 cash/cheque at a time or an annual member by paying annual membership subscription fee Rs200 along with an admission fee of Rs 300. Annual membership shall have to be renewed by paying Rs 200 every year, by April 1 of a year. Annual membership subscription may be revised by the managing committee.

3. Membership Application Procedure:

To apply for membership one has to fill in the form and get proposed and seconded by managing committee members of Sanjyog, Alumni Association of Heramba Chandra College and submit it along with the requisite amount covering entrance fees (Rs 500 for annual membership and Rs 2000 for life membership) to the registered office of the Association during the scheduled office hours.

After the application has been scrutinized by the secretary, it will be considered by the membership committee and shall be approved by the managing committee. Thereafter applicant will be informed about her/his admission to membership, indicating the class of membership and the date of admission.

New members are enrolled on basis of financial year of the association.

4. Membership- Rights and privileges:

  • To attend and participate in the meeting, discussions, lecture, cultural shows and such other programs which are organized by the association.
  • All members shall have one vote each at the General meetings.

5. Membership- Duties and Responsibilities:

Every person admitted to any class of membership of Sanjyog Alumni association of Heramba Chandra College shall be liable to follow the rules and regulations.

  • Every person, admitted to any class of membership of   Alumni association of Heramba Chandra College, shall behave in such a manner as to preserve the association’s image and dignity and shall not misuse authority or office for personal gain and self-interest.
  • Each Ordinary Member will be liable to pay the appropriate annual subscription which becomes due and payable by1st April of every year.
  • Any member, not clearing up his / her annual subscription with three months of the commencement of a year i.e. by 30th June, shall be treated as a defaulter. The defaulters shall not have any voting right or any other right to be enjoyed by a member.
  • A defaulting member’s right shall be restored once s/he clears her/his dues.

The managing committee, may after due investigation, suspend for any period any member from the membership of the association for any act omission or commission which is in violation of the memorandum  and regulation or is against the interest  of the association or constitute neglect or refusal to abide by any regulations and bye laws of the association, or is likely to bring discredit to association , provided that no member shall be suspended unless s/he has been given an opportunity to explain his/ her conduct. A suspended member shall cease to entitle to the benefit and the right of membership. But s/he shall have a right to appeal against such decision to the general Body of the association in a general meeting immediately following such suspension provided s/he files the memorandum of appeal with Hony. Secretary within two months of his / her suspension.