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Message From The Principal

Sanjyog, the alumni association of Herambachandra College is well connected with the college. The students enjoy their college life for three years only, but the memories last for many years. As a matter of fact, the memories of college days glow brighter with the years. Sanjyog, is a place where all the passed out students get a platform to share their memories. But they are not satisfied with the memories only. They want to show their respect towards their institution by involving themselves in different activities which would brighten the face of the College through Sanjyog. It arranges some talks, debates, seminars on different contemporary issues to create awareness among the current students. It encourages the students to feel proud about the college and helps them to be a complete human being.

Sanjyog is a pride of the College. The members of the association are dedicated towards their aim. Sanjyog also takes many social responsibilities. Thus the college is acclaiming reputation not only locally or nationally but also internationally through Sanjyog. I think, gradually Sanjyog will become an important part of the College. I wish them all the success.

-- Dr. Nabanita Chakraborty, Principal, Heramba Chandra College

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